Glitter will always be in style. But the new way to wear it involves not just tiny flecks of shimmer strewn across the face, but layer-upon-layer of glittery embellishment. After prepping your lids, use lash or cosmetic glitter glue to stick the first layer of silver flecks and then the silver confetti. Then, using a Tweezer, carefully apply Swarovski crystals (or simple rhinestones) across your eyelid like eyeliner.

Shahidi is more than an actress—she’s an activist. The college-bound star of black-ish, and the new spin-off series grown-ish, is fearless when it comes to using her voice to effect change and shed light on social injustices.

“To be in this industry, as fabulous as it is, it can seem very trivial if there is no grounding meaning behind why you’re doing what you’re doing

says Shahidi, who will head to Harvard sometime next year when she has a break from filming.

“When you’re driven by a certain purpose, for me, it’s helping better anyone’s life. Whether it’s via Twitter or whether it’s choosing my sociology major. I know ultimately I want to help effect change, otherwise I would look at myself in the mirror everyday and think, ‘what in the world am I doing with my life?’”  via Yara Shahidi Makeup Routine – Yara Shahidi Interview




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