Nie Yunchen, CEO of popular cheese tea purveyor HeyTea, says the tea was conceived after his company noticed people’s aversion to the bitterness of tea. Since blowing up in Taiwan, the UK, and Singapore, the drink has been making its way to the US.

What do our teas and cheese toppings have in common? Always fresh, premium quality, and boldly unique. | #LittleFluffyHead

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While the original recipes call for non-dairy powdered cheese, Little Fluffy Head opts for real cheese, along with whipping cream, milk, and a little bit of salt to give it its sweet and savory taste.

The lid helps guide the cheese out first, followed by the liquid tea.

Matcha lovers-this one’s for you! 🍵 Our Chedd-cha drink features an iced matcha latte base topped with sweet and fluffy cheese cream.

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But I guess there’s only one way to find out?




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