We’re glad it’s finally OK to root for Steve on Stranger Things. When he was a punk in season one, he looked so damn cool. Now that Steve, played by the dashing Joe Keery, is a good guy, there’s no need to be insecure about how awesome his hair is. So we got to wondering, how does one get that kind of flow?

For the answer, we went straight to the source: Hairstylist Benjamin Thigpen, who cut and styled Keery for his GQ shoot. He knows exactly what you should tell your barber to get the style, as well as how to style it right so it doesn’t look like a strange thing on your head. Here is Thigpen’s advice, with all the techniques he used on Keery for the shoot.

Thigpen’s first suggestion is to speak with your barber long before you intend to wear this fancy mop. That’s because there’s a strategy to growing it out: “Every couple weeks you’ll need to ‘dust off’ the ends and cut what I call ‘little upside-down triangles’ in the ends to create a more lived-in look,” Thigpen notes. “This will allow the hair to grow out in a natural way, as opposed to a ‘too perfect, neat, or blunt’ cut.” He adds that this isn’t so much a hair cut as it is a hair style. You just need to establish a good routine with your barber or stylist, to take good care as it grows. Plan on seeing them every 6-8 weeks at least for routine trimming and redirection.

Following those, Thigpen applies a texturizing cream. He’s loyal to Oribe, and uses the brand’s Matte Waves Texture Lotion. “This texturizes the hair, but more importantly it mattifies the overall look,” he says.


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