People have many ways of discovering fitness motivation today. Some stick closer to friends who are inclined to be more active and like to work out often, drawing from their strength and commitment. Online, you can find a number of fitness motivators, professionals, and influencers to inspire you to jumpstart making fitness a part of your daily life. One such fitness role model who is easily in the lead pack online among the sculpted is Rendon Labador.

“My dad was once with the military and we were trained to live a healthy vice-free lifestyle. My mom, being religious, gave me a good moral foundation when it came to respecting my body.”

As with any talent online with a growing audience (his is now upward from 1 .3 million fans on Facebook) Rendon has encountered his fair share of challenges and setbacks. But his ultimate edge over all that is never letting anyone or anything change his mindset about what he’s committed to; to keep creating ultra fitness content and sharing the macro results of his hard-earned gains.

“My journey seems ordinary but it’s really more about hard work. Whenever I encounter frustration or disappointment, I turn to our gym and exhaust my emotions. Eventually, you’ll observe that each muscle you tone is like part of a process of dealing with your own struggles. Now that I’m in my best shape, it reminds me of how I’ve handled obstacles in more positive ways.”

“I believe that my videos have varying types of impact on different people. My most sensational video is the Bench Press vid but I am surprised that some people have said that it’s my creativity on how I create my workout videos and my on-cam character that keeps them more glued.”




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