Think of the very first beauty product you ever used. Odds are that it made your younger self feel a mix of excitement and nervousness all at once. Anyone that has used makeup likely knows how powerful of a tool it can be for self-expression. But for some transgender women, their first experience with makeup can be even more powerful — sometimes life-changing and affirming.

No matter which shades of lipstick or eyeshadow you choose, makeup allows a person to show the world their truest self. Even if the makeup is temporary, the feeling of being able to define yourself with beauty can stick with a person for much longer.

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“Being a transgender woman, makeup gives me the confidence I need when I’m feeling self-conscious or down. It makes me feel special and gives me the courage to walk outside and show the world how beautiful I am regardless of what you tell me. Specifically, when I am feeling dysphoric and upset with my body, makeup is my best friend who allows my inner beauty to radiate externally.”

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“The first makeup item I used was a Natural Profusion Colour Me Glow 12 Shades Palette. I remember buying these for a little over $1 at Walgreens and trying to blend as many shades together to create a dark crease with a maroon lid.


No matter the beauty product, one thing is the same with makeup — it is tool of self-exploration. As these women share, makeup is not about covering up who you are, but about expressing your true self. via 7 Transgender Women Share The First Makeup Product They Ever Wore



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